Gina Sawin - paintings

In the words of the celebrated naturalist John Hay:

“we are attracted to birds through the spirit. [It] is their constant presence, and at the same time their elusiveness, which intrigues us.”

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This intrigue is at the heart of Gina Sawin’s series of bird paintings. Connected at once to earth, water, and sky, birds symbolize delicate ecological balances and, as a motif in her paintings, they suggest our spiritual - and perhaps tenuous - connection to the planet.

Sawin studied in New York with, and continues to be influenced by, a group of artists whose work might best be described as “painterly representation” - painters who are drawn to nature but committed to the principles of abstraction.  Birds occupy ambiguous space as they hover or reflect, alight or ascend.  The relationship of these almost geometric shapes to their surroundings is relevant in the challenge of creating tension and space through planar organization.