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"I work from sketches, photographs, memory, and imagination - reworking and building up dense layers of paint with sort of a stipple technique. Because of the nature of oils, this process can extend over a period of days or weeks, or more, allowing each painting to find and redefine itself gradually. The pebbly surface which results allows flecks of color to emerge from layers of paint and blend the bird with its pictorial and natural surroundings, creating a cohesive whole.

I have found in shore and water birds a motif that allows me to express congruent interests in nature and conservation, and the formal principles of art.  The birds are often featured alone, suspended between the naturalistic and the emblematic, representing not necessarily how we see birds, but how we feel their presence.  Contemporary painting has many dialects, and I adopt one that is both modern and classical, one that can speak in quiet and modulated tones about common, but universal, sensibilities."

~ Gina Sawin